New pneumatic control: Need to interface electronic with legacy pneumatic?

By Control Engineering Staff March 22, 2007
Pneumatic interface is compact and resistant to environmental vibrations.

If you need to interface an analog electronic instrumentation device with an existing pneumatic control system, valve positioner, or other similar equipment, this new current-to-pressure transducer could be very helpful. It converts 4-20 mA analog output from any type of device into a linearly proportional pneumatic signal using one of three formats.

The new 590X I/P transducer from ControlAir can generate three pneumatic output ranges, including 3-15 psi, 3-27 psi, or 6-30 psi, from a 4-20 mA signal. This could be a major help when adding new instrumentation to legacy pneumatically controlled process units.

ControlAir says this unit is small and lightweight, while tolerant of vibration and position changes. It is certified by FM and CSA as intrinsically safe and impervious to RFI/EMI. Air ports are 1/8 inch NPT. Maximum air flow capacity, 2.4 SCFM.

ControlAir makes other types of interfaces that could be useful when trying to connect analog and digital electronic signals with pneumatic equipment of all sorts.

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Peter Welander , process industries editor