New podcast: Dust Networks provides the radios

Giving voice to wireless instrumentation.

By Control Engineering Staff February 21, 2008

Dust Networks may not be a household name, but it provides the internal radios for many pieces of wireless instrumentation and helped formulate emerging standards. In a new podcast, the company’s CEO talked to me recently about where Dust is headed. .

Joy Weiss is leading Dust Networks as the wireless instrumentation industry moves through a critical phase. Dust provides the radio modules for Emerson’s SmartWireless devices, GE Sensing’s wireless platform, and other companies that aren’t as willing to discuss such partnerships. Dust has been largely responsible for turning IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee technology into something reliable enough for industrial applications and energy efficient enough to run for years on one set of batteries.

Moreover, Dust’s development work provided critical building blocks for the new WirelessHART protocol. In the podcast, Weiss discusses where she thinks the industry is going and the larger potential for wireless sensor networking in green manufacturing contexts. (See the complete Control Engineering podcast catalog.)

—Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
Process Instrumentation & Sensors Monthly
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