New podcast: One road to wireless instrumentation

Dr. Kris Pister, Dust Networks, discusses his journey to today’s wireless mesh networking devices and offers a look ahead.

By Control Engineering Staff November 20, 2008

If you are considering wireless instrumentation, particularly those devices using the WirelessHART protocol, you can learn more about how that system came to be in , co-founder and CTO of Dust Networks , discusses how he and his associates developed many building blocks that have been incorporated into current wireless mesh-networking

Pister discusses many of the triumphs and failures along the path to today’s wireless instrumentation, along with some interesting facts:

His earliest research was using MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) techniques to create micro robots;

The first attempts used optical transmission rather than radio frequency communication;

How he outfitted every chair at a 2001 Intel developer’s conference with a wireless sensor; and

Covering more than just history, he discusses current applications and where he sees the industry headed.

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