New products: Safety, vision, gauging, and sensors

New products recently introduced include safety products from Carlo Gavazzi Inc.; vision products from DVT, Coreco Imaging, Cognex, and Jai Pulnix; and sensing and feedback products from Grayhill, LMI Technologies, and Pepperl+Fuchs.

By Control Engineering Staff August 26, 2004

New products recently introduced include safety products from Carlo Gavazzi Inc.; vision products from DVT , Coreco Imaging , Cognex , and Jai Pulnix ; and sensing and feedback products from Grayhill , LMI Technologies , and Pepperl+Fuchs .

DVT stainless steel Extreme Environment Legend XE camera brings Legend 550 high-speed camera to FDA-regulated washdown environments for $8,495. It’s up to eight times faster than Legend 540.

Carlo Gavazzi light curtain protected heights range from 161 to 1,657 mm, with operating distances of 6, 15, 25, or 50 m.

Carlo Gavazzi released several new families of safety products , including light curtains, modules, safety mats, magnetic sensors, and safety switches. Type 2 and type 4 curtains are available, in finger, hand, and body resolutions, with partial or total muting, which is easily programmable via on-board dip switches; an override function to allow user access to the protected area to clear jams; and LEDs for diagnostic display. New safety modules are now available for E-stop and safety gate control, two-hand safety control, light curtain and safety mat control, standstill monitor to detect if a machine has come to rest, and elevator door control and cabin leveling. New SM series safety mat provides effective protection in hazardous areas, by controlling a zone around the machine. A full line of safety magnetic sensors and mechanical safety switches include door interlock switches, manual reset switches, cablepull switches, and door-hinge switches.

Cognex PatMax is available on the new industrial-grade In-Sight 5100, 5400, and 3400 vision sensors, along with a full library of capable image-processing and analysis tools.

Cognex PatMax geometry-pattern-matching software offers 10-fold increase in feature location performance for In-Sight vision sensors. The software provides accurate feature location despite changes in image angle, size, rotation, and appearance—easily handling variations in part appearance caused by process changes, reflective surfaces, partial occlusion, nonlinear changes in lighting, or uneven image formation. Cognex says this integration “makes it possible to use vision successfully in applications that simply cannot be handled by less robust vision technology.” The software is said to lower manufacturing costs, increases production line flexibility, and improves product quality. Coreco Imaging introduces X64-LVDS Image Acquisition Board to provide high-speed acquisition and support a wide range of LVDS (IEA-644) and RS-232 cameras. Universal PCI-slot-compliant X64-LVDS (32/64-bit 33/66 MHz 3.3/5 V) is compatible with 8-, 10-, and 12-bit LVDS and RS-422 digital area or linescan monochrome or RGB cameras, and supports up to eight taps of 8 bits each. On-the-fly tap correction expedites image processing and analysis. Rapid image acquisition rates are up to 600 Mb/s and image transfer to host memory are 528 Mb/s; up to 32 MB of local buffer memory is provided to facilitate concurrent transfer operations at different rates, yielding optimal use of system bandwidth.

Grayhill Series 62P is a PC-board mounted switch said to have minimum life expectancy of 500,000 rotational cycles, 16 detent positions, and a choice of pushbutton actuation force.

Grayhill Series 62P optical encoder provides 10 to 50 times the life-cycle reliability of comparably priced mechanical encoders, says the company, by using optically coupled circuitry. In addition the 62P does not exhibit the contact bounce normally produced by mechanical contacts, eliminating need for de-bounce circuitry or software. Jai Pulnix CV-A10CL camera uses the latest-generation monochrome progressive scan 1/2-in. CCD sensor with 782 x 582 pixel resolution, which fits inside the SVGA-resolution envelope. The 1/2-in. format has the advantage of a large pixel size (8.3 x 8.3 LMI Technologies Inc . offers a single point industrial gauging sensor head designed for industrial applications, such as quality inspection and production control, in-line thickness measurement and profiling, width measurement, production line behavior vs. speed, and inspection of finished products. Pepperl+Fuchs introduced a heavy-duty shroud mounting bracket to provide impact protection and allow 360-degree rotation; OMH-RL2-S shroud mounting bracket is intended for use with its Series 28 and 29 photoelectric sensors. The heavy-duty bracket provides two-dimensional rotation, easy access to sensor adjustment and LEDs, and tough protection against target impacts. A swivel half-clamp allows rotation on two axes. A stainless-steel surface covers three sides of the photoelectric housing for added protection. Mounting hardware is included with the bracket.

—Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering,