New shape tools for design engineers

By Control Engineering Staff June 15, 2006

Kubotek USA , makers of geometry-based design and engineering software, announced a new set of shape design tools for its KeyCreator product. The KeyCreator product family combines multidimensional design and drafting, numerical control (NC) programming and the company’s unique geometry-based foundation with direct feature editing and deformation techniques. It integrates 2D drafting, 3D wireframe, surfacing, solids and NC into one environment.

The new tools, bundled into the latest release of KeyCreator, include the following:

  • Curve Deform tool allows dynamic modification of any wireframe curve. Using either curve control points or user definable constraint points, designers can make quick changes to complex curves.

  • Deform Surface/Face tool enables dynamic modification of 3D shapes consisting of one surface/face or multiple surfaces/faces. Using the shape control points or user-definable constraint points, designers can make corrections to a model at any point in the product design process.

  • Reshape tool facilitates the global modification of 3D shapes. Using a before-and-target set of curves or edges, designers can make various versions of one model or modify existing models per specific design specifications at any point in the product design process.

  • Smooth tool permits designers to fix continuity problems in 3D models. This tool works with native models and imported data.

  • Re-cover tool gives designers the ability to fix problem surfaces/faces quickly.

Kubotek USA develops and manufactures KeyCreator mechanical CAD software (formerly CADKEY), REALyze multi-CAD interoperability tools, and rapid prototyping and non-contact inspection systems.

Renee Robbins , Editorial Director, Control Engineering