New Webcast: Bridging gaps with wireless

There's still much to discuss on the topic of using wireless effectively in process plants.

By Control Engineering Staff October 1, 2008

Another Webcast on wireless? With all that’s been said, is there anything else left to discuss? The answer is yes, and you can now hear it on demand. ( Download the complete Webcast .)

The intent of this webcast was to move away from the basics of wireless instrumentation and talk about the larger wireless infrastructure and what it can do in a process manufacturing environment. You won’t hear another discussion on, “Here’s how meshed instruments talk to each other.”

Yes, we talk about applications where wireless instruments are used, but in the context of getting that data back to a control system. The discussion centers more on, “Here’s how we move information and tie the whole network together.”

With participants from Honeywell , Apprion , Emerson , Cisco , and ProSoft , you will hear some statements that do not always agree. What exactly is an “open system” anyway? You’ll ultimately have to decide some of those things for yourself.

—Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
Process & Advanced Control Monthly
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