Nine companies help NI support Matrixx initiative

Austin, TX—National Instruments (NI) announced April 22 that nine companies with advanced control design experience have joined the NI's Alliance Program to provide professional services and support for Matrixx, a suite of software tools for control design and simulation.

By Control Engineering Staff April 29, 2003

Austin, TX— National Instruments Matrixx , a suite of software tools for control design and simulation. These companies support NI’s long-term strategy of supplying engineering tools for the enterprise, from design to prototyping to manufacturing test, and offer consulting, engineering services and turnkey solutions for simulation, real-time embedded control and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Alliance Program members specializing in Matrixx’s services and support include:

Applied Dynamics International (Ann Arbor, Mich.);

iControl (San Jose, Calif.);

ITK Engineering GmbH (Marburg/Karlsruhe/Munich, Germany);

Octant Technologies (San Jose, Calif.);

Opal-RT Technologies (Montreal, Canada);

Real-Time Innovations Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.);

SC Solutions (Sunnyvale, Calif.);

Simulogix (Redwood City, Calif.); and

Syscon (Wangen, Germany)

‘Cooperation with these worldwide companies reflects National Instruments’ commitment to providing Matrixx’s users with comprehensive, long-term service and support,’ says Ash Razdan, NI’s services director. ‘These companies bring decades of Matrixx experience from a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive and semiconductors.’

Matrixx consists of a differentiated technology that allows dynamic modeling control design and automatic code generation. Matrixx products help design engineers decrease their development time and expedite the production and management of control software.

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