NI’s LabView supports Millennial Net’s wireless sensor networking

Millennial Net Inc. has released its virtual instruments (VIs) for National Instruments' (NI) LabView software that are now designed to work with Millennial Net's i-Bean wireless sensor networking platform.

By Control Engineering Staff September 2, 2004

Millennial Net Inc . has released its virtual instruments (VIs) for National Instruments ‘ (NI) LabView software that are now designed to work with Millennial Net’s i-Bean wireless sensor networking platform. These new LabView extensions deliver wireless sensor networking capabilities to NI’s users.

LabView is a graphical development environment for acquiring, analyzing, and presenting measurements for high-performance analog and digital instrumentation. The software is used by engineers and scientists to interface with real-world signals, analyze data for meaningful information, and share results and applications. Millennial Net develops self-organizing, wireless sensor networking systems.

“Wireless sensor networking is a promising and exciting new technology that will greatly benefit users developing test, measurement and control applications,” says David Potter, NI’s data acquisition and distributed I/O platform manager. “As Millennial Net extends support for this new technology to LabView and NI’s product platform, engineers performing sensor networking applications can take advantage of the easy-to-use LabView graphical development environment to create flexible and scalable systems to collect, analyze, store and share their sensor data.”

Tod Riedel, Millennial Net’s co-founder and business development VP, adds that, “The new LabView extensions to our application program interfaces (APIs) give NI’s customers the ability to add wireless sensor networks to their applications with a familiar platform. Our VIs for i-Bean wireless sensor networks also now make it possible for our customers to enjoy broad support across NI’s entire product line.”

Millennial Net product for LabView is available now as part of Millennial Net’s Evaluation Kits for OEM prototyping. The kit includes five i-Bean endpoints, three i-Bean routers, one i-Bean gateway, the software’s virtual instrument APIs, and sensor networking management system.

The announcement was made at NIWeek, the annual worldwide user conference and exhibition hosted by National Instruments in Austin, Texas, where Millennial Net is demonstrating its wireless sensor networking technologies.

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—Jim Montague, news editor, Control Engineering,