Online Configuration Services from NI

Austin, Tex. - National Instruments' Online Service speeds system configuration and checks product compatibility.

By Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor October 24, 2001

Austin, Tex. National Instruments’ Online Service speeds system configuration and checks product compatibility. Part of NI’s Web site redesign and the company’s continual effort to deliver total online customer resources and support, Product Advisors evaluate customers’ system requirements and translate them into optimal measurement and automation solutions.

With eight new Product Advisors, customers now can configure a wide variety of solutions, such as PXI, vision, instrument control, and industrial communications systems. The advisors are updated as NI introduces new products or upgrades, automatically replacing obsolete products in saved configurations and keeping customers current with the latest innovations. In addition, users configuring a PXI measurement system online now can have the modules and software installed, tested, and delivered directly to their doorstep based on their online specification. This helps get customers up and running quickly with the products that best suit their applications.

‘Product Advisors speed customers through the product discovery process, quickly identifying the best product for them based on their requirements,’ said John Pasquarette, NI director of strategic web development. ‘With the advisors, customers can quickly assemble a complex system and be assured that all of the modules and software specified are compatible.’

Available 24 hours a day, the advisors guide customers through a series of questions that outline the specifications and requirements for the system they want to build. Advisors then compile a list of various product combinations including software, hardware, and accessories available for the system, checking product compatibility for each option. Once the customer has chosen a preferred configuration, the Product Advisors create a detailed summary of products and part numbers for ordering. Customers can immediately order the products online, find more information about the products, or print the summary to order by phone, share with a colleague, or use for future reference.

NI now has a total of 10 Product Advisors that scale more than 900 NI products. NI also features third-party advisors that customers can use to explore detailed technical specifications from more than 800 suppliers to find sensors, motors, cameras, valves, pumps, and other products that complement NI products.