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By Staff September 8, 2004

Laser diode temperature controller
300B Series laser diode temperature controllers use the company’s PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control loop to provide tight control (m status to be read remotely. Two models are available: 325B delivers a maximum current of 2.5 A (17.5 W), while 350B provides up to 5.0 A (55 W).
Newport Corp.

Harsh environment controllers
Electromechanical Thermoswitch temperature controllers are suited for demanding industrial applications. Rugged units require no external power source and are said to respond quickly to temperature changes under extreme conditions. Applications include packaging equipment, industrial laminators, agricultural equipment, and medical vaporizers. Available in probe or surface-mount configuration, the devices use differential expansion of metals to control internal electrical contacts and regulate temperature.
Fenwal Controls

Tank level monitoring

Wireless differential pressure field units operate in any of four modes: transmitting differential pressure, orifice flow, open-channel flow, and level readings at regular intervals to a control center. FM approved, Class 1, Div. 1 devices have a transmission range of up to 3,000 ft and battery life of up to 5 yr. The 900 MHz ISM license-free units are secure, using frequency-hopping spread spectrum communications technology, and are easy to install. Applications include level monitoring in tank farms, filter monitoring, strainer basket monitoring, and flow reading.