Open Source Project: Free resources for people who lead change

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff March 12, 2009

Rick Maurer, change management expert and best-selling business author, announces the launch of Open Source Project , an online resource that includes the e-book titled Introduction to Change without Migraines , where Maurer explains his approach to leading change.
These resources are free.
Maurer has helped hundreds of organizations of all sizes—from Lockheed Martin to Rohm & Haas—understand and implement change. Now he shows people how they can lead change on their own.
The Open Source project gives leaders and consultants free tools so that they can build support for change in their organizations. But more important, it allows people to “get under the hood” and tinker with the theory.
The Open Source Project has short videos, an outline for a half-day Change without Migraines training session, and a presentation depicting Maurer’s Cycle of Change theory, as well as Three Levels of Resistance and Support.
Says Maurer, “I want people to improve my theory and practice of change management. Who knows a company or client better than the managers or in-house consultants? Open Source is about my realization that they should become the change agents in their organizations.”