Opto 22, Nokia to deliver wireless communication

Temecula, CA and Irving, TX - Opto 22 has teamed with Nokia to create, promote, and market a solution providing wireless connectivity to external physical business assets.

By Control Engineering Staff September 27, 2002

Temecula, CA and Irving, TX – Opto 22 has teamed with Nokia to create, promote, and market a solution providing wireless connectivity to external physical business assets.

Opto 22’s Snap-IT connects to, remotely monitors, and captures operational data from new or legacy line-of-business systems, devices, and equipment. Nokia’s M2M platform, which includes the Nokia 31 connectivity terminal and M2M Gateway, provides wireless hardware and software necessary to communicate with the product. The combination creates a complete package for wirelessly delivering real world data using GSM/GPRS networks to enterprise applications and databases over standard, Internet-based architectures.

Devices and equipment such as manufacturing machinery, telecommunications gear, storage tanks, generators, and other remote systems are examples of key business assets to which wireless connectivity can be added to provide a communications link even where a dedicated line is unavailable. Once connected, organizations can capture real-time data from these assets, deliver operational data to databases and business applications, manage building facility systems, provide access control and security, and perform remote equipment control, diagnostics, and other extended enterprise activities.

Applications such as supply chain execution, energy management, and regulatory compliance in the manufacturing, utility, energy, retail, telecom, service, and government markets and industries stand to benefit from this product combination. Snap-IT provides for connection to legacy automation without disturbing existing control in order to enable necessary data communication. This is a convenient way to add necessary functions at a reasonable cost without the pain and anguish of reprogramming control. It also can be installed in new equipment as part of the control to provide an overall solution.

”The Nokia M2M platform has brought a new level of flexibility to enterprises needing to connect and communicate with remote equipment. By combining Nokia’s expertise in mobility with Opto 22’s experience in remote monitoring, we can together offer a simple solution for what had been a complex problem,” said Sarah Van Siclen, director of mobile enhancements for Nokia Americas. ”This is a good example of the kind of opportunity made possible by today’s new generation of wireless networks.”

”In meeting our customers’ remote monitoring and data acquisition requirements, establishing the communication to a remote asset has always presented a challenge,” says Opto 22 vice president, Bob Sheffres. ”Now, through our collaboration, Opto 22 and Nokia have revolutionized the way organizations can remotely monitor and manage their external business assets by making it quicker, simpler, and less expensive than ever before.”

One firm, ManagetheWorld LLC, a division of Professional Consulting Services (PCS, Chicago, IL) has installed several pilot Opto 22/Nokia systems. ”By offering VARs and solution providers a one-stop, all-inclusive package, Opto 22 and Nokia step to the forefront of the movement to integrate information from remote business assets and devices with the enterprise,” states Steve Pazol, president of ManagetheWorld. ”This has allowed us to focus on our IT core competencies and decrease our implementation times by not having to install or specify a communications infrastructure.”

To promote their joint solution, Opto 22 and Nokia will be offering demonstrations at major IT and networking events including the upcoming Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18th through 22nd. The two companies are also collaborating on a new, soon to be announced Website illustrating the benefits of the offering and providing information on how to get started monitoring and managing the entire extended enterprise.

Control Engineering Daily News DeskGary A. Mintchell, senior editor gmintchell@reedbusiness.com