Order servo system online

By Control Engineering Staff July 1, 2001

Duluth, Ga. – PV-Series ac servo system with SERCOS made by Sanyo Denki is now available for ’24-hour shipping’ from MotionOnline.com. Said to be the world’s smallest SERCOS-compatible servo system (15 A drive plus 100 W servo motor), PV-Series supplies peak torque of 8.7 lb-in. (0.97 Nm) and operation to 4,500 rpm. [SERCOS (IEC 61491) is an all digital motion bus that connects controls, drives, and I/O stations.] Other system combinations can increase output to 50 A/1.5 kW, with 20 Nm peak torque. Encoder inputs, digital I/O points, and high-speed registration inputs are part of the system. The company’s AML software-based controller handles up to 32 PV-Series servos.

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