Ormec releases motion, logic, HMI, networking for 1-3½ axes

Rochester, NY—Ormec reports that its new SMLC-Lite is a cost-effective, motion, logic, human-machine interface (HMI), and networking solution for 1 to 3½ axes systems.

By Control Engineering Staff December 15, 2004

Rochester, NY— Ormec reports that its new SMLC-Lite is a cost-effective motion, logic, human-machine interface (HMI), and networking solution for 1 to 3

By eliminating a standalone motion controller and PLC combination, up to 3

SMLC-Lite’s hardware includes:

  • ServoWire Controller, which includes an Intel Celeron processor, built-in Ethernet, FireWire and serial ports plus adapter, Flash memory for application program storage, optional battery-backed SRAM for non-volatile data storage, and no hard disk.

  • SMLC-Lite’s other hardware includes its all-digital ServoWire SM Drives, which support a variety of actuator technologies, including brushless rotary and linear motors, dc brush motors, and voice coils operating from 24 V dc (300W) to 460 V ac (15 kW). The drives are configured over the ServoWire network, eliminating all manual configuration and offline configuration utili-ties, which reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining the motion control.

For general purpose I/O, Ormec has partnered with Wago to integrate its 750 Series Profibus DP, Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) and FireWire (IEEE 1394) networked I/O with the ServoWire Controller. This system covers a wide variety of interface modules, and the introduction of FireWire I/O allows for a single network for both I/O and motion control.

SMLC-Lite’s software includes:

  • QNX real time operating system. The use of an real-time operating system (RTOS) in the ServoWire Controller facilitates integration of new functionality, and eases product lifecycle maintenance by allowing for easy migration to new and more powerful hardware platforms as they become available.

  • Ormec also has partnered with 3S to integrate high performance ServoWire Soft Motion technology with 3S’ CoDeSys IEC 61131-3 software. CoDeSys covers all five IEC 61131-3 standard compliant languages, and is incorporated in more than 100 OEM partner products. A suite of programming languages and charting tools streamlines machine development and simplifies support.

  • PLCopen standard’s Motion Control Library, plus Ormec’s extensions, brings new levels of motion performance for electronic gearing, camming, registration control, and coordinated, multi-axis applications.

The company adds that built-in, standard features, such as analog feedback and registration control software that requires no additional programming, make SMLC-Lite a fully featured motion control solution.

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Jim Montague, news editor