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A vegetable processor packaging project included integration of weighers, baggers, robotic case loaders, case formers and closers, robotic palletizing and conveyors. Packaging, records and raw materials were updated and automated across eight sites. Seven bakery lines converge in one packaging area that fills 20 cases per minute.
By Mark T. Hoske October 8, 2019
Courtesy: NCC Automated Systems

Automation and controls can help packaging implementations, and three system integrators offer insights into recent projects. Click on the names to learn more about their case studies and what they learned.

  • Kevin Mauger, president, NCC Automated Systems Inc., discussed an automated vegetable processing and packaging line with robotics, palletizing and conveyors that runs multiple products up to 320 bags per minute. Changeovers happen regularly.
  • Robbie Kerfoot, client engagement manager with Stone Technologies Inc., explained how packaging, records and raw materials, were updated and integrated and automated across eight facilities.
  • Robert Herman, program manager – senior engineer, Avanceon, explained how seven bakery lines converged in one packaging area that fills 20 cases per minute. Controllers needed replacing and programming and network needed updating, over a three-day weekend. System integrators check and tested code as they went.

Mark T. Hoske, content manager, Control Engineering, CFE Media,

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The line packages a variety of vegetable blends, meals and other items using robots, conveyors and palletizers; changeovers happen regularly.

Track and trace consistency across eight production facilities was needed.

Packaging automation testing happened during and after development; simulation wasn’t an option.


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