Partnership breaks down industrial design barriers

Robert McNeel & Associates, a provider of stylized surfacing software, is partnering with SpaceClaim, which offers CAD-neutral modification solutions for the extended product development team.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff September 17, 2007

Robert McNeel & Associates , a provider of stylized surfacing software, is partnering with SpaceClaim , which offers CAD-neutral modification solutions for the extended product development team. The combined solution allows Rhino files to be opened directly in SpaceClaim for creating and modifying solid geometry. The 3D model can then be sent back in the Rhino file format for precise surface modifications by the industrial designer.”Our clients use free-form modeling to create very precise surfaces that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements,” says Bob McNeel, CEO. “One of their biggest challenges is ensuring the fidelity of the design is maintained throughout the design and manufacturing processes. This can break down when the design is passed between product styling and product engineering. When SpaceClaim demonstrated the ability to open Rhino files, add and modify design elements that conform to the surfaces, and then return the model to Rhino, I was extremely impressed.”Industrial designers must work closely with product engineering to develop stylized surfaces that also meet mechanical design requirements. This requires seamless data exchange between surfacing and design applications. Rhino and SpaceClaim integration meets that need by enabling product stylists to create free-form surfaces in context of the product design. For instance, from within SpaceClaim industrial designers can directly modify 3D geometry, such as support ribs or bosses, which conform to the stylized surfaces. Precise surface modifications can be made within Rhino and accurately transferred to the SpaceClaim model. Product engineering benefits from receiving more complete designs that require little to no surface modifications.To arrange for an onsite meeting with SpaceClaim at National Manufacturing Week, visit