PC-based SCADA software suite

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's MC Works64 is a PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software suite designed to provide real-time data exchange on the factory floor and improve operational efficiency.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation October 24, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s MC Works64 is a PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software suite designed to improve the visibility of manufacturing operations. MC Works64 supports core features like graphical user interfaces, alarm and event management, and data logging and trending. Other key features of MC Works64 include vector-based 2D and 3D graphics to contextualize data, visibility for geographically dispersed assets, and grid visualization of large data sets. It is also able to centralize configuration and runtime interface and provide advanced application event schedule. It also features MC AppBuilder, which combines database technology with a user-friendly web interface to associate graphic symbols, faceplates, control programs and various types of communication interfaces into a single location. With MC Works64, executives are able to receive real-time data exchange with the factory floor from their mobile devices, while plant managers will be able to minimize downtime, reduce operating cost and improve operational efficiency.

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