PDAs meet calibration technology

By Control Engineering Staff October 1, 2000

Rochester, N.Y. -Looking for a way to get approval to buy a PDA (personal digital assistant)? Disguise it as an instrumentation calibrator! Introduced as a new class of calibrators, Transmation Products Group has introduced documenting and non-documenting PDA based calibrators designed to eliminate labor-intensive and redundant manual recording and archiving of calibration data. Using either a Palm III or Handspring Visor PDA, users plug the PDA into one of six Transmation calibrator backpacks (mA/pressure, mA, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, and frequency) to form a complete calibrator with capabilities to support third-party conversion and electrical calculators. Calibration documentation is accomplished using Transmation’s QuickDoc PDA/PC Recording software that automatically builds and updates a device database as calibrations are performed, thus freeing users to spend their time doing more productive things than updating documentation.