Pico-I/O module provides digital I/O expansion for Pico-ITXe SBCs

First module designed for expansion on Pico-ITXe SBCs released.
By Control Engineering Staff December 10, 2008

WinSystems has introduced the first Pico-I/O module designed for expansion on Pico-ITXe SBCs. PCO-UIO48-G, a 48-point digital I/O interface with interruptible event sense, can monitor 24 of the rising and falling digital edge transitions, latch them, and then signal the host processor that a change of input status has occurred. Modules are designed for low-cost I/O expansion for Pico-ITXe single-board computers from VIA and other manufacturers. PCO-UIO48-G’s I/O controller is based upon a Lattice FPGA programmed to support various input/output and interrupt configurations. Each I/O line is programmable for input, output, or output with read-back operation. Each transition is latched so that even short duration pulses are recognized. Modules require only +3.3 volts; an optional onboard regulator allows it to be powered from +5 V dc.