Plastic push buttons for enclosures

Bud Industries' PBB Push Button Box is a plastic button with a NEMA 4X/IP67 rating that is designed to keep out dust and water in extreme conditions, making it useful for harsh environments.

April 29, 2014

Bud Industries’ PBB Push Button Box is a plastic button designed for harsh automation environments. Some of the applications for the enclosure include terminal blocks, corrosive environments, chemical plants, and general factory environments. Its NEMA 4X / IP67 rating is designed to keep out dust and water in extreme conditions and meeting the requirements of UL 746C for ultraviolet light and water exposure, making it useful for outdoor environments, as well.

The PBB Series plastic design also gives it higher corrosion resistance in washdown, humid and outdoor environments. They’re also lighter than steel buttons, which makes them easier to handle and install. The push button box combines polycarbonate plastic, which makes it less likely to shatter, and 10% fiberglass for more consistent molding that results in tighter tolerances and seal.

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