PLC with integrated IO terminals

Product Exclusive: The EZWire1616 PLC by Triangle Research International is a PLC with integrated, field wiring ready I/O terminals designed to save system integrators and original equipment manufacturers time by providing every digital analog I/O point with its own power.

By Triangle Research International January 20, 2015

The EZWire1616 PLC by Triangle Research International is one of the first of its kind in the PLC market with integrated, field wiring ready I/O terminals. As every digital and analog I/O point is provided with its own power (+24 or +5 V) and 0 V on a 3-level no-screw terminal, every sensor and actuator in the control system can be wired directly to the PLC without the need for additional screw terminal blocks and wire-harnesses. This design saves systems integrators and machine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) valuable time, material cost, control panel space, and dreaded wiring error recovery effort during installation. By separating the control and terminal boards, a failed control board, though rare, can be easily replaced without undoing any existing wiring in the control panel. And at 4 1/2 x 8 1⁄8 x 1 1/2-in. tall, the compact EZWire1616 provides useful extra room in the control panel box for other components and lid-side devices (such as HMI), and for easier installation and maintenance access.

Features on the EZWire1616 include 32 digital I/Os (expandable up to 256), 12 analog I/Os (8 in, 4 out), up to 4x PWM and 3x stepper motor control outputs, battery backed-up RTC, RS232, RS485, floating point processing and TRi’s standard integrated Ethernet port, which supports remote-access, data-logging, and Modbus TCP/IP for multi-brand control network environments. Programming is done with the iTRiLOGI Ladder+BASIC software, which has been downloaded more than half a million times by users online for education, training, and evaluation.

Triangle Research International 

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