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New and on-demand Web based seminars from cover 2D & 3D CAD, several approaches in FEA to modeling bolted connections, and benefits of enterprise wide requirements management.

By Renee Robbins November 24, 2009

Web-based seminars-often free, and accessible from your desktop any time-are one of the best ways to learn better techniques for product design and product information management. You can test drive the specifics of a new software package, or learn techniques that you can apply immediately in your current environment. Here are a few new webinars for November/December 2009.

The Payoff of Driving Requirements Management Across Product Development
This complimentary webinar sponsored by IBM is lead by CPDA’s director of PLM and CAE in Europe, Michel Vrinat. He will be joined by two users of IBM Rational DOORS, a family of requirements definition and requirements management solutions that promotes compliance and verification. Learn how a requirements management tool can be evaluated from at least three aspects:
• Gathering, developing, and sharing requirements across multiple disciplines, as well as defining the requirements database structure.
• Change traceability.
• Requirements reuse.
The webinar will consider each of these critical aspects for managing requirements and users will share their views on the challenges they experienced, the clear payoffs from the effort to integrate systems across diverse disciplines, and the boost it provides to the collaborative effort. Customer panelists include Sharon Crossby from the Astrium division of EADS, and Dr. Edward Griffor of Chrysler.

Crossby has been working in the space industry for 15 years and in the requirements management domain for the last 12. While working at Matra Marconi Space as a verification team leader on the ESA Envisat ASAR project, she became involved in closing out retrospective customer requirements. This long and complex activity started her on the course of developing and implementing effective requirements management. She now develops coordinated Astrium and EADS training, policy and implementation techniques.
Griffor is one of the two existing Walter P. Chrysler Technical Fellows, achieving one of the highest technical specialist positions in the sector covering automotive and other industries. He is regarded as a world expert in the use of mathematical methods to manage the design of electronic controls and algorithm/embedded software design. He also is chairman of The MIT Alliance.
The webinar, Payoff of Driving Requirements Management Across Product Development, airs Tuesday, December 8, 2009 @ 11:00 A.M. EST. Sign up at

CAE Practical Applications: Bolted Connections

This webinar originally aired November 19, 1 PM (Eastern) as part of Siemens PLM’s bi-monthly series for analysts, managers and lead engineers who are responsible for engineering and development processes. In many analyses, a bolted connection between bodies is the critical load path results in some of the highest stress discontinuities and can be the source of failure. In this seminar, panelists demonstrate several approaches in finite element analysis (FEA) to modeling bolted connections, and discuss the results generated by those methods. Sign up for CAE Practical Applications .

Leverage 2D drawings in 3D digital prototyping and cut time to market up to 70%

Siemens PLM’s Solid Edge with synchronous technology lets users design complete 3D digital prototypes using a history-free, feature-based approach and refine them with 2D simplicity. Panelists discuss how to lower project costs through reduced physical prototypes, gain quicker design turnarounds, and improve quality with faster more flexible design iterations. Technical topics include assessing product function with 3D computer aided engineering, leveraging 2D drawings in 3D digital prototyping, and streamlining processes with PDM support. This webinar will first air December 15, 2 PM (Eastern).

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– Edited by Renee M. Robbins, managing editor, MBT

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