Pneumatic modular valves for mechanical applications

AutomationDirect's Nitra line of pneumatic products includes 24 Vdc modular valves that are designed for mechanical applications and also features various mounting positions that require no additional fittings.

By AutomationDirect January 25, 2016

AutomationDirect’s Nitra line of pneumatic products includes 24 Vdc modular valves that are designed for mechanical applications. The modular valves are available with 3-way/2-position, 5-way/2-position and 5-way/3-position configurations with single or double normally-open or normally-open/normally-closed solenoids. In applications with a large number of high flow valves, an intermediate through module provides additional air inlets. To provide dual pressures in a manifold, an intermediate blind module serves as an independent supply to valves to its right while blocking the main supply from the left. For applications requiring quicker exhaust on some valves, an intermediate exhaust module provides a dedicated exhaust for valves to its right while blocking exhaust from valves to its left. Other features include mounting positions that require no additional fittings. Accessories include 25-pin female D-sub connectors, blank marking tags, pigtail cables, 35mm DIN rail mounting brackets, and pneumatic release tools.


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