Pocket-size tachometer, full-size functionality

By Control Engineering Staff January 1, 2001

Michigan City, Ind. -Series Tac pocket tachometer takes non-contact, contact and linear speed measurements. Series Tac allows the user to view the rotating target and the six-digit LCD simultaneously. General purpose Model Tac1 takes non-contact rotational speed measurements between 5 and 100,000 rpm. The advanced Model Tac2K functions as a tachometer as well as 999,999 count totalizer and a 99 hr, 59 min, 59 s, 0.01 s timer. Model Tac2K includes the equipment to take non-contact (5-100,000 rpm), contact (2.5-20,000 rpm), and linear speed (10-40,000 in/min) measurements. The multi-functional meter stores minimum, maximum, and last measurement in memory and is programmable to read in English and metric units.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.