Position monitoring system with electronic analog sensor

Advanced Machine & Engineering's OTT-Jakob position monitoring system with the electronic analog sensor, which allows the user to monitor the drawbar for performance and wear by detecting the position and transmitting the data.

By Advanced Machine & Engineering April 17, 2015

Advanced Machine & Engineering’s (AME) OTT-Jakob position monitoring system with the electronic analog sensor is designed to allow the user to monitor the drawbar for performance and wear. An electronic analog sensor detects the position and an electronic unit attached to the machine controller transmits the data. This system indicates whether the tools are clamped, unclamped or not present. It can increase tool head accuracy and longevity by monitoring cycles and hours, indicating whether the tools are properly held. The OTT-Jakob unclamp unit contains a cylindrical, inductive analog sensor consisting of a primary and secondary coil. During clamping or unclamping, as the drawbar connection moves axially through the analog sensor, the target ring on the drawbar connection triggers the output signal. The signal increases as the target ring farther enters the sensor, indicating the position. The position is also monitored during the milling process. The sensor electronics supply the primary coil with constant frequency and amplitude. A demodulator transforms the signal of the secondary coil into a stable dc output signal. The position-controller evaluates the current signal and sets the output signals at the adjustable limits. A digital filter compensates existing peak values. The position-controller is equipped with a meter for operating hours and operating cycles. 

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