Power up: 50,000 I/O points; redundant controllers; digital control, simulation

Four power generation projects include 50,000 I/O points, redundant controllers, predictive maintenance capabilities, digital controls and simulation software, adding to efficiency, shortening start-ups, and making training easier. Implementation details follow.

By Control Engineering Staff September 1, 2008

Highlights of four recent power generation projects that follow include 50,000 I/O points, redundant controllers and predictive maintenance capabilities, as well as digital controls with simulation. Such advanced process controls add to efficiency, shorten

Reykjavik Energy selected ABB to upgrade and integrate five utility automation systems – geothermal power plants, district heating, water and wastewater

As Iceland’s largest utility, Reykjavik Energy provides almost 70% of the country’s population with electric power, district heating, hot and cold water, and wastewater treatment. The company operates two geothermal power plants that provide 240 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 700 MW of heat to some 26,000 homes and businesses in 20 communities.Reykjavik Energy, which is in an expansive phase of development, acquiring and integrating other utilities and extending its geographical reach and customer base, characterizes the district heating system as the “largest and most sophisticated in the world.” Hot water is pumped via 2,500 kilometers of pipes to heat buildings and keep pavement and outdoor parking lots free of ice in winter, as well as to supply the outdoor swimming pools and spas with a constant stream of hot geothermal water. Cold groundwater is distributed to consumers throughout the greater Reykjavik area; the region’s sewage is piped to several wastewater treatment plants throughout the area.Reykjavik Energy selected ABB to upgrade and integrate five utility automation systems – geothermal power plants, district heating, water and wastewater– into a single 800xA extended automation system that will be operated from a central control room. Original distributed control systems for the utilities were supplied by ABB in the late 1990s. All five systems have evolved to the Extended Automation System 800xA, which processes some 50,000 I/Os(input/output) data signals. The Banten-Labuan power plant in Indonesia, the PLTU 2 , is a new two-unit, 600-MW coal-fired plant being built in Indonesia’s Banten Longwan Province.ace in mid-June 2008. Startup is slated for June 2009. Unit 2 startup is expected in August 2009. Emerson is engineering and installing the project using Emerson Process Management Ovation expert control system . Ite will provide operators with data from HART intelligent field devices in the plant. AMS Suite is said to streamline device configuration and commissioning to contribute to efficient plant startup and provide online access to instrument and valve process information, predictive diagnostic information, and automatic documentation of field device maintenance information.  Taiwan Power Co. (TPC) is (NPP) in northern Taiwan, andKuosheng NPP is the second nuclear power station of state-owned Taiwan Power Co., with its two plants each generating 985MW in electrical power. TPC intendsat the nuclear plant includes replacing and upgrading obsolete analog-based recirculation water control systems with digital systems, allowing Kuosheng NPP to better handle plant transients and improve plant availability. Modifications to operational training simulators to ensure process consistencywith the upgrades will be provided, plus a suite of digital control automation. Invensys Process Systems (IPS) , in a multimillion dollar deal, will install In the Czech Republic, extensive upgrades to the Chvaletice power plant (four 200 MW units) will allow the existing mesh network to handle more multiple faults and provided intuitive design environments, more integrated input/output functionality, and predictive maintenance/field device tool technologies, plus new performance applications.IPS will upgrade the existing Foxboro I/A Series system to Version 8.4.Version 4 in 2000. Also read how

Going green with automation is key to China’s aggressive energy plans

Integrating Asset Management and Maintenance


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