Pre-engineered faceplates, HMI symbols added to Simatic PCS 7

Users gain advanced process library, ability to handle online recipe changes, better trending and reporting for the Siemens Energy & Automation Simatic PCS 7 process automation system. See photo.

By Control Engineering Staff March 26, 2009

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. has enhanced its Simatic PCS 7 process automation system with an advanced process library, ability to handle online recipe changes, and better trending and reporting. Version 7.1 includes a new Advanced Process Library that provides pre-engineered function blocks, faceplates and human machine interface (HMI) symbols. Additionally, the faceplates have been designed to be more ergonomic and intuitive for the operator by linking them to other displays containing related process information

PCS7 v7.1 enhances historical / real-time trending and reporting.Source: Siemens Energy & Automation

For example, the motor faceplate contains links that will allow the operator to easily trace the cause of the first-out interlock and correct the condition. The standard PID controller faceplate contains a link that automatically calls up an integrated control performance monitoring display making it easy to analyze the control performance of the loop to identify valves that require maintenance or impact product quality.In addition, online recipe changes are supported for batch processes. Control recipes can be modified while running, giving operators greater flexibility to address unplanned events, and as-run recipes can be saved as a new master recipe for future use.PCS7 v7.1 also enhances historical, real-time trending and reporting. Engineers can analyze production data and alarms working with Microsoft Excel to better monitor, track and document key performance indicators. More information about Siemens Simatic PCS 7 version 7.1 is available.

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