Pressure Sensor: Low-cost differential gages

By Control Engineering Staff September 20, 2007

There are applications for differential pressure gages that don’t require high precision instrumentation, such as checking pressure drop across a filter or strainer. In those situations less expensive devices are an appropriate option. Orange Research has expanded its line of differential pressure gages with a new line that the company says is half the cost of competitive products and available with very short lead times.

The family has a very wide range available, beginning as 0-5 in. water column all the way to 10,000 psid. Case sizes are available up to 6 in. diameter. The Orange Research gauges are rated at 2% accuracy, which is adequate for many oil field, pipeline, chemical processing, refinery and power plant applications where high precision is not necessary.

These rugged gauges have pressure bodies machined from solid blocks of metal and a proprietary piston sensor assembly designed to withstand severe environments and high pressures. A magnetic coupling between the sensor assembly and the indicator completely separates process fluids from the gauge dial indicator, switches or relays, making solid-front gauges or blowout ports unnecessary.

Stainless steel or aluminum construction is available, with static seals in many materials. Choose from a wide variety of porting connections, including medium pressure, high pressure, NPT, BSP, MS, SAE and many more. Switches and relays can be added for remote indication of process conditions. NEMA 4X rated enclosure protects the electrical components.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
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