Process gas chromatograph adds micro-FID

By Control Engineering Staff November 8, 2005

Enhancements to Emerson Process Management’s Rosemount Analytical Model-700 process-gas chromatograph include a micro-flame ionization detector and a flame photometric detector module.

Solon, OH —A micro-flame ionization detector (micro-FID) is among the enhancements added to Rosemount Analytical Model-700, process-gas chromatograph to expand its application capabilities. Rugged, field-mountable instrument from Emerson Process Management also now features a detector pre-amplifier/electrometer, micro-packed methanator, heated liquid sample injection valve, heated sample transfer tubing, and a flame photometric detector (FPD) module.Micro-FID with its detector pre-amplifier/electrometer board permits measurement of trace hydrocarbons in a variety of samples at parts-per-billion concentrations. Small-sized detector (less than 3-in. high) fits inside the explosion-proof housing. Typical applications include measuring trace impurities in gases and light hydrocarbons and ambient air monitoring.Other enhancements include the micro-packed methanator, which measures trace carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in ethylene, propylene, and other polymer-grade chemicals by converting CO and CO2 to methane. FPD expands use of the device to trace sulfur compounds with sensitivities better than 50 ppb. The chromatograph, with its airless heat sink oven, is designed as an alternative to traditional devices that require protection from weather. Equipment is field-mountable near the sample point.

—Control Engineering Daily News DeskJeanine Katzel, senior editor,