Process modeling: Spreadsheets support multiphase flow simulation

The newest version of SimSci-Esscor’s Inplant simulation software, a program that “rigorously simulates” multiphase flow in plant utility and relief networks, can model a wide range of applications, small to large. Version 4.1 also interacts more easily with Microsoft Excel.

By Control Engineering Staff August 14, 2008

Plano, TX – The newest version of SimSci-Esscor ’s Inplant simulation software, a program that “rigorously simulates” multiphase flow in plant utility and relief networks, can model applications ranging from a de-pressuring study of a single vessel to the design and rating of a complete cooling water network for an entire petrochemical plant. Version 4.1 of the software also includes the recently introduced SimSci-Esscor SIM4ME Portal, which makes it easy to create custom interfaces in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software without writing code in the Visual Basic development system.The SIM4ME Portal from Invensys Process Systems (IPS) constructs a simple, bidirectional communication link between the steady-state simulator—SimSci-Esscor’s Inplant, Pipephase or Pro/II simulation software—and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This lets developers “create an Excel spreadsheet that is Inplant-aware, allowing users to execute an Inplant simulation from within an Excel software application,” says Joseph McMullen, PES product manager for IPS.“Inplant version 4.1 users can now drag and drop multiphase flow model parameters, such as relief valve discharge coefficients, fluid densities, pipeline diameters and solver options, directly into Excel spreadsheets,” he explains. “The ability to access any model parameter easily, change its unit of measure and determine its status as either an input or calculated value from within the Excel software puts the user in the driver’s seat for data manipulation and integration.”McMullen contends that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software “provides the ideal platform for engineers to create an operations interface that can be used by Inplant software experts and non-experts alike, tapping the user’s imagination in ways that are all but impossible with a pre-configured interface.”Inplant software version 4.1 is available immediately. Visit for more information.– Edited by Renee Robbins , senior editor Control Engineering Information Control eNewsletter Register here and scroll down to select your choice of free eNewsletters .