Process visibility: MiniConsoles interface system

Horsham, PA—The MiniConsole, a low-height console system from Strongarm, has a one-size-fits-anywhere design where process visibility is needed.

By Control Engineering Staff October 16, 2007

Horsham, PA —The MiniConsole, a low-height console system from


, has a one-size-fits-anywhere design where process visibility is needed.

Low height and compact design provide a clear line-of-sight of the process. An ergonomically angled display and keyboard for standing operator comfort are featured. The product is suitable for data entry situations. Typical applications include batch control, process control, manufacturing execution systems (MES), work management systems (WMS), computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), human resources, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

“Our customers have found that the MiniConsole is optimal for multiplant deployment projects where site surveys aren’t always practical,” says Jim Borton, national sales manager for Strongarm. “Because of its low height, users don’t have to move from behind the system or stretch to see their processes, and it doesn’t interrupt the plant floor’s or process area’s existing design.”

The MiniConsole mounts to a short post that can be installed directly onto the plant floor, or in a mobile configuration with the post mounted on casters, allowing the operator to bring the interface directly to the process. It can also be configured with a telescoping floor post (in fixed and mobile configurations), allowing the operator to adjust display height.

Features include:
• Four display sizes (21.3, 19.1, 17.1, and 15.1 in.) that can be configured with resistive, infrared, or surface acoustic wave touchscreen technologies;
• Multiple keyboard and pointer selections, including exclusive stainless steel mouse;
• PC options that include an internal micro PC, a small form factor PC in a protective local enclosure, or an internal KVM extender allowing the user to connect to a remote PC up to 3,000 ft;
• Availability in NEMA 4X;
• Stainless steel for washdown and wipedown environments, and NEMA 4/12 painted aluminum/steel for general industrial use;
• Configurability for Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas; and
• Assembly—ready to deploy.

The MiniConsole can be configured to meet varied requirements. These include integration of additional peripherals such as bar code scanners, and a comprehensive selection of cooling options for extreme environmental conditions.

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