Product & Literature Showcase – 2000-02-01

By Control Engineering Staff February 1, 2000

1 GHz reed relays
Wellesley, Mass. -LP-Series reed relays are designed for 1.0 GHz applications and feature compact metal cases with hermetically sealed contacts. Rated for one billion operations, these magnetically shielded devices are offered in 5-, 12-, and 24-V dc versions. Ideally suited for OEMs and as replacement parts in high frequency equipment, the LP-Series devices offer 50V impedance and are available with dry or mercury-wetted contacts. The relays measure 0.8 x 0.2 x.240 in. Meder Electronic Inc

Rotary control valve
Tampa, Fla. -K-Max rotary control valve features a choice of flangeless (wafer) installation, slip-on flanges, or integrally cast flanges. These are universal-application valves with the control characteristics of a globe valve and a straight-through flow path. Suitable for liquids, gases, steam, and slurries, K-Max valves have greater than 100:1 rangeability and stable, bidirectional flow. The device’s steel-case diaphragm actuator is said to give high-thrust, low-friction, accurate control, and has greater fire resistance than aluminum actuators. They are available in 1- through 8-in. sizes with ANSI 150-300-600 ratings. Leslie Control Inc.

Acoustic sensor
Woodlyn, Pa. -Model 765M20 High Acoustic Sensor is designed for measurement of gas-borne sound in the frequency range of 100 to 340 Hz, in industrial applications requiring operation up to 500 °F. The device is constructed for use in corrosive environments, compatible with its type 316 stainless-steel diaphragm. The de-vice features an isolated, hermetic, miniature 10-32 connector, standard 1-in. NPTM thread mounting, and enhanced electrical noise rejection. Optimum performance is achieved when the sensor is used with a true differential input amplifier. Columbia Research Laboratories Inc.

Autosampling direct from the process line
Irvine, Calif. -SlurrySampler allows users to supply wet slurry samples directly from a process line to the developer’s LA Series of particle size samplers, without the need for dilution, subsampling, or other sample handling. The device uses a robotic arm with a mixer to agitate the sample dispersion, remove a set volume of dispersion, and supply it to the analyzer. Horiba Instruments Inc.

Single-phase UPS
Dayton, O. -Unistar II Series are said to be true on-line double conversion units designed to continually provide both regulated output voltage and frequency. All Unistar units have a power factor-corrected input designed to reflect harmonics of less than 6% THD back to the input system for any load condition. A wide input voltage range reduces battery discharge cycling, extending battery life and assuring that the backup power will be available as needed. These UPSs are also designed to protect sensitive electronic loads from voltage sags, spikes, brownouts, and frequency variations. Staco Energy Products

Paddle-wheel sensor
Irvine, Calif. -Type 8031 in-line, paddle-wheel flow sensor is intended for continuous low-flow measurement and dosing applications with clean or corrosive, solid-free liquids. The compact units are specifically designed with chemically inert wetted parts of Halar/ Saphire/FPM or EPDM for use in aggressive liquids. Unit housing material, magnets, inline fittings, and paddle wheel are made entirely of plastic with axis and bearings of Saphire. The Type 8031 is intended for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water treatment industries. Availability is with G1/4-in. process connections. Burkert Contromatic

Nine functions in a single unit
Youngstown, O. -Multifunction Block Timer (MBT) is a full featured all-in-one timer. The device is a solid-state timer/toggle latch boasting a design that features nine timing modes, a timing sequence from 0.1 sec to 33.3 hr, and multiple voltages all on a single timer. The device’s input voltage range of 12-240 V dc and 24-240 V ac 50/60 Hz is said to allow it to handle a wide variety of industrial and automation applications. The MBT is CSA NRTL-rated for Canada as well as the U.S. for use in certified electrical equipment. Canfield Connector

Combustible gas leak detector
Baltimore, Md. -CD100A is designed to detect combustible gas leaks. The easily adjusted, steady tic rate increases as the sensor tip approaches the source of the leak and then de-creases as it moves away, giving the user a precise indication of the leak source. The unit’s flashing LED provides a visual indication, and a “tiplight” in the sensor cover illuminates the area of the leak. Other features include one-hand operation and an 18-in. gooseneck for detection in hard to reach areas. Davis Instrument Co.

Flat-panel computer
Greenville, S.C. -DisplayPac-Access is a flat-panel computer that is CE/UL/CSA-approved and rated for Class I, Div. 2 environments. The device features an easy access design said to permit quick field upgrades, maintenance, and software changes. A MMX Intel Pentium processor at up to 350 MHz, PC/104 expandable, provides the computing power. It also features a 10.4 in. VGA 300-nit TFT liquid crystal display. The touchscreen is resistive type and boasts a NEMA 4 front bezel. Computer Dynamics

Pneumatically actuated pinch valve
Hackensack, N.J. -Style 2200-PA is a pneumatically actuated pinch valve designed to control abrasive, corrosive, viscous, or scaling fluids such as wastewater, cement, and mineral slurries. Fully enclosed in cast iron, its full-port design eliminates turbulence and clogging while minimizing pressure drop. The valve is available in sizes from 1- to 12-in. diameter and features a full range of elastomer liners and reinforcements for corrosion and abrasion resistance. The 2200-PA’s pinching on center action is said to assure an unobstructed flow with no dead spots or cavities. Flexible Valve Corp.

Data acquisition boards
Cleveland, O. -Keithley Instruments has announced two new data acquisition boards that include free software. Models KPCI-3110 and KPCI-3116 combine high-speed analog inputs with digital I/O points, analog outputs, and comprehensive software that speeds up commissioning with a start-up utility, language drivers, and an Microsoft Excel add-in. Both boards can scan up to 32 single-ended analog inputs with a basic dc accuracy of Keithley Instruments Inc.

Precision gram sensor
Temecula, Calif.- GS Series gram force sensors are available in ranges of 10, 25, 30, 50, 100, 150, 250, and 1,000 grams full scale. The sensing end is a 6-32 tapped through hole said to provide unlimited attachment possibilities for tension and/or compression from top or bottom. A bonded foil strain gage full bridge provides a customer-specified output of 1 or 2 mV/V. Combined accuracy of nonlinearity and hysteresis is 0.1% of full scale or better. Suggested excitation is 10 V dc. Transducer Techniques Inc.