PRODUCT & LITERATURE SHOWCASE – 2001-04-01 – 2001-04-01

By Control Engineering Staff April 1, 2001

Bumpless/auto setpoint change control
Newnan, Ga.- Green Series temperature controllers now include not only precise control function with no process overshoot but also, with the addition of Super2 and Super3 tuning technology, bumpless and auto setpoint change control. With Super2, an operator can tune appropriate PID functions on an empty furnace and expect fully tuned, precise control when the furnace is loaded. With Super3, the controller automatically accommodates setpoint changes and delivers accurate control with no need to retune or setup PID zones. Yokogawa Corp. of America

Sniffing for corrosive gas
Rolling Meadows, Ill.- PureAire’s Corrosive Gas Monitoring Systems respond to low ppm and ppb concentrations of a target gas and are unaffected by rapid changes in temperature and humidity. Designed to respond quickly to potentially hazardous leaks and releases, the systems are intended for in-situ wet scrubber monitoring, fenceline monitoring, and other harsh environments. Features include a renewable, highly selectable self-checking electrochemical sensor and companion transmitter linked to an optional control panel. Local readouts and direct signal routing to alarm, control, and surveillance systems are also offered. PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc.

Multi-feature STD 32 SBC
Eugene, Ore.- VL-686-2 is an STD 32 single-board computer that features an Intel Pentium MMX processor, 10/100 Ethernet, SVGA capability, PC-104- Plus expansion, and CompactFlash option. It supports standard socket CPUs up to 400 MHz, including Pentium, K6, K6-2, K6-III, and K6-2E for fanless operation. On-board memory capacity includes 2 MB video RAM, up to 128 MB of system RAM, and up to 72 MB of DiskOnChip flash. A battery-backed static RAM option allows infinite read/write cycling with full power-fail protection. VersaLogic Corp.

Low cost, compact expansion board
San Diego, Calif.- PCI-IIRO-8 card is intended for PCI-Bus computers. It is a low-cost, half-size expansion card with eight optically isolated, non-polarized digital inputs and eight electromechanical relay outputs. Inputs can be driven by either ac or dc with voltages ranging from 5 to 24 V and frequency as high as 1 KHz. With digital signals optically isolated from each other and the motherboard, its 500 V isolation rating allows smooth data communications flow even in noisy environments. Each input circuit includes a switchable slow/fast filter with 10-msec time constant, individually controlled on the expansion card, or globally by proprietary software. Access I/O Products Inc.

Sensor suppresses background/foreground objects
Dayton, O.- SuperProx Model SM900 Series provides both background and foreground suppression to avoid obstacles in the way of an object being sensed. The feature is part of the device’s pushbutton, sensing window ‘teach’ setup. The sensor’s discriminating microprocessor enables it to detect objects only within the set-sensing window and ignore objects outside the window, whether in the background or foreground. Examples of applications particularly suited for this sensor series are those needing detection of objects behind a grid or inside a narrow opening. Hyde Park Electronics Inc.

Enhanced loss-in-weight controller
San Diego, Calif.- HI 2160RCPlusis an enhanced loss-in-weight controller that adds features like retrievable storage data for up to 12 different feed system configurations and a real-time Two Sigma test routine. It also has auto rate calibration error checking, and rear panel access to the instrument’s Secure Memory Module, which provides easy transfer of setup and configuration data from one instrument to another. The controller interfaces with PLCs via Profibus, remote I/O devcies, and more. Part of the product is the developer’s WaverSaver technology that ignores mechanical noise in feeders, ensuring high accuracy. Hardy Instruments

AC-power monitor/display
Sepulveda, Calif.- PPM ac-power monitor and display continuously monitors three-phase power systems. It is said to set up quickly in a majority of low-voltage panel measurements typically found in facility, factory automation, and industrial process applications. PPM measures a variety of current, voltage, and power parameters. Readings are shown on a large, high-contrast, backlit multi-angle display, featuring front-panel pushbuttons that select 25 available 3-line display choices. It provides 2 pulse outputs and an optional Modbus RTU data communication output. Moore Industries-International Inc.

Control valves for higher flow
Tampa, Fla.- Lil’ Gator control valves are said to provide higher flow rates than most valves in their class, which means smaller valves sizes for most applications. The standard valve is supplied with stainless-steel trim in a choice of port sizes fromred for use in process control applications in the food, chemical, pulp and paper, and petrochemical instruments. Leslie Controls Inc.

NIST-traceable temperature recorder
Addison, Ill.- DW4 recorder with probe is water resistant and housed in a rugged fiberglass NEMA-4X case. The case features a compact design with wall-mount capability. These recorders are available in seven temperature ranges in °C and °F in both 7-day and 24-hour recording times. The recorder’s 6-in. capillary probe is enclosed with weather-resistant material said to stand up to both harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Dickson Co.