PROFInet Update for July 2003

By Control Engineering Staff July 9, 2003

NEW 32- PAGE PROFInet TECHNOLOGY GUIDE PROVIDES DETAILS ON THE NEW PROFInet FIELDBUS STANDARD. The all-new 32-page PROFInet Technology and Application Guide provides detailed information on this new communication standard. It describes the fulfillment of the promise to bring Ethernet connectivity to the factory floor. The new PROFInet Standard will be the first fieldbus technology to integrate and interconnect all segments within the automation hierarchy, and seamlessly interface to established ERP/MES, IT and corporate management technologies. The integration of information technology in automation will open up possibilities of global data communication between automation systems. And PROFInet will also transparently integrate into existing world-standard PROFIBUS technology.

The fully-illustrated Guide allows everyone to learn about the PROFInet component model, automation objects, real-time communication, migration strategies, network management, web integration and much, much more. The use of open standards instead of proprietary solutions guarantees long-term compatibility and expandability.

Several detailed sections in the Guide include: Trends in Automation; Overview of PROFInet; Component Model; Engineering with PROFInet; PROFInet Runtime; Transmission Technology; Integration of PROFIBUS Systems; Network Management and Web Integration; Implementation of PROFInet Devices; PROFInet IO; Higher Level Data Exchange with OPC; Services offered by PROFIBUS International; and a complete Glossary.

PROFInet is a modern standard for distributed automation standards and is based on Ethernet. It integrates existing fieldbus systems, specifically PROFIBUS, simply and without change. The use of established Ethernet-based IT technologies allows the connection of the automation/plant level with the corporate management level, including the direct exchangeability of order and production data. Internet connectivity can make it possible to initiate orders and carry out remote servicing and maintenance measures.

All interested parties can download the all-new PROFInet Technology and Application Guide immediately at right or a hard copy can be requested from the PROFIBUS Trade Organization at 16101 North 82nd Street, Ste. 3B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Phone 480-483-2456; FAX 480-483-7202. Internet:

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