Programmable position transmitter for linear actuators

Festo's SDAT-MHS T-slot programmable position transmitter are designed to offer OEMs a solution for sensing a pneumatic cylinder's position that can be transmitted to a PLC with a repetition accuracy of 0.1mm.

By Festo December 5, 2014

Festo’s SDAT-MHS T-slot programmable position transmitter are designed to offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a solution for sensing a pneumatic cylinder’s position. By sensing the magnetic piston, the cylinder position can be transmitted to a PLC with a repetition accuracy of 0.1mm.

The five SDAT-MHS sizes are designed to detect complete strokes without projecting beyond the end of the cylinder, including full stroke length and end position sensing. In addition to analog position data, the SDAT-MHS also features a programmable digital switching output that can replace an existing cylinder switch.

The sensor combines analog current output, digital switching output, and IO-Link. Using traditional analog and digital inputs, the user can view current analog cylinder position as well as one digital switching output that is freely programmable to give normally open or normally closed cylinder switch, window comparator, or hysteresis comparator modes. Users with IO-Link gain three additional switching outputs as well as the ability to program the switch through a graphic interface.


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