ProMat Video: Palletizing collaborative robot

The CRX-25-iA and other collaborative robots are seeing growing adoption in the warehouse and logistics space, where they are being used to navigate labor shortages, increase throughput and help keep up with the increasingly stringent demands of e-commerce.

By David Miller April 14, 2023

At ProMat 2023, Anthony Cantrell, executive director of global accounts for warehouse and logistics at Fanuc America demonstrated the CRX-25iA collaborative robot (cobot). Cobots offer several benefits for palletizing applications. They are designed to work safely alongside humans, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, are highly flexible, and can be programmed to handle different sizes and weights of products. Cobots are often faster and more accurate than human workers, leading to improved productivity and in the warehouse space. In addition, they are more affordable than traditional industrial robots, require less infrastructure and maintenance and can be reprogrammed for different tasks, leading to lower operating costs.

See the full video below: