Pure analog throughput for very high brushless motor resolution

Unit is designed for applications such as very high resolution inspection systems, metrology instruments, and medical applications.

By Control Engineering Staff March 11, 2009

Designed for applications such as “very high resolution” inspection systems, metrology instruments, and medical applications, the TA333 High Power Linear Drive from Trust Automation features a true Class-AB linear amplifier with pure analog throughput at currents up to 25A.The TA333 can be used for overcoming issues such as high inertia mismatched stages and low inductance motors. It can be used with a brushless motor using external sinusoidal commutation, with an internally commutated brushless motor with Hall effect sensor feedback for smooth trapezoidal operation, a 2-phase stepper motor, or up to two voice coil motors. It is easily configured for three-phase dc brushless servo motors using Hall effect sensors, three-phase ac brushless motors using external sinusoidal commutation, single-phase dc brushed servo motors in bridged mode, brushless linear motors and voice coil linear actuators.Thisn control without sacrificing power for resolution capability.

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