Recent software tools help size motors, drives

Two manufacturers have recently announced new application software tools for motor and drive sizing, each stressing a "system approach" to the selection process.

By Control Engineering Staff July 22, 2004

Two manufacturers have recently announced new application software tools for motor and drive sizing, each stressing a “system approach” to the selection process. Danaher Motion has introduced Motioneering Application Engine Version 4.3.0, a Microsoft Windows-based motor sizing program for selecting various types of motors and drives from a database of more than 1,700 products. Parker Electromechanical Automation, a Division of Parker Hannifin Corp., has announced its newest engineering tool, Parker Motion Sizer, which is intended to simplify what the company calls one of the most complicated steps in specifying a new motion application—choosing the correct motor-and-drive combination. Added details and Web site links are provided below.

Danaher’s Motioneering Application Engine includes IDC, Kollmorgen, and Pacific Scientific branded products.

Danaher ’s Motioneering Application Engine allows users to choose among standard brushless servo, direct-drive rotary (DDR) and linear servo, dc servo, and stepper motors and drives. Version 4.3.0 software features new Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR servo motors and S600 drive system data for 230, 400, and 480 V ac operation.

“The software uses a project concept for the collection and saving of multiple axes of load information. The user then has the flexibility to sum the effects of multiple axes of motion for power supply and shunt regeneration sizing,” says Rick Armstrong, Danaher Motion application tools development manager. “The program considers load and motor parameters, as well as amplifier voltage and current parameters, including the amplifier time to deliver peak current, in the sizing process,” he adds.

Another software feature provides engineering unit selection options for entering mechanism and motion profile data, enabling the conversion of data into available units. Online help explains functions, terms, and equations.
You can request a CD-ROM or download the full version (or an upgrade patch if you have a previous version) from the site by clicking here .
Typical PC system minimum requirements apply for using the CD.

Parker Motion Sizer software reportedly helps cut hours of tedious sizing calculations to minutes.

Parker Motion Sizer from Parker Electromechanical Automation is a new generation of computer-aided motor sizing software that reportedly provides solutions within moments, giving engineers the right selection for their application. The Microsoft Windows-based sizing program models the system mechanics, simulates the motion profile, includes any applicable external forces, and accounts for amplifier characteristics prior to choosing the optimum motor and drive from a database of thousands of combinations, says Parker. Motor topologies covered in the database include servo, stepper, and direct-drive types.
To download or order Parker Motion Sizer software free of charge, visit the Web site or call 800-358-9070.

—Frank J. Bartos, executive editor, Control Engineering,