RedPrairie teams up with the EPA for Green Supply Chain initiative

RedPrairie will develop educational programs as an affiliate member of the EPA's SmartWayTransport Partnership.
By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff August 27, 2007

RedPrairie will develop educational programs aimed at reducing the environmental impact of supply chains as an affiliate member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s ( EPA ) SmartWayTransport Partnership. The SmartWay partnership promotes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and seeks to improve the efficiency of ground freight transportation.
RedPrairie, with its innovative E2e solutions, will help its clients achieve their fuel and energy conservation goals.
Says John Jazwiec, president and CEO, “We are committed to our green strategy, including delivering solutions that are conscientious of the environment, and programs to educate and enable employees. Through more efficient transportation, storage, and packaging of goods, companies can significantly reduce dioxide emissions, wasted packaging, paper and energy consumption.”
RedPrairie is offering an educational whitepaper, Greenlighting Efficiency: Seven Easy Steps to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Today’s Supply Chains, available free to anyone interested in creating a more green and efficient supply chain.
The seven points to reduce the environmental impact of supply chains include:
To obtain a copy of the white paper, visit .

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