Remote services expand value of MGE UPS Systems

MGE UPS Systems— for remote device management of critical power resources—is incorporating emWare DeviceView M2M and Lantronix' UDS100 device servers.

By Control Engineering Staff February 5, 2004

MGE UPS Systems — for remote device management of critical power resources—is incorporating emWare DeviceView M2M and Lantronix’ UDS100 device servers. A recent agreement with emWare and Lantronix allows MGE UPS Systems to use their technologies to add remote service capabilities to MGE’s Data Center Enterprise Power Systems: Comet 150, Comet S31, Comet Extreme, Galaxy 3000, Galaxy PW and EPS 6000 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), as well as Power Management Modules (PMM) and Epsilon Static Transfer Switches (STS). (M2M is a term used across multiple manufacturers and can mean communications between machine to machine; mobile to machine; or human to machine.)

emWare says its DeviceView Service allows companies to easily, cost-effectively, and securely exchange information with their equipment from anywhere. Devices and equipment connected to a Lantronix UDS100 Device Server can contact the DeviceView Service and exchange relevant device data. Data, stored in a database, can be retrieved later using DeviceView’s enterprise application. Service technicians can access this information to determine operational status of the remote equipment and take appropriate action if the equipment falls outside acceptable levels of operation. The service also monitors the information and can notify appropriate personnel when an alert condition exists on their equipment.

Alan Katz, product manager for MGE, expects “DeviceView Service to reduce service operation costs while further enhancing our industry-leading service offerings for customers.” Benefits to organizations with service operations include:

Allows service technicians in a central location to determine the status and operating conditions of remote equipment located anywhere in the world;

Predicts failures of remote equipment before they occur;

Reduces dispatch errors by diagnosing the exact problem and determining replacement parts requirements prior to dispatching a service technician;

Minimizes the number of service dispatches by allowing equipment to be repaired over the phone or Internet.

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—Mark Hoske, Editor-in-Chief, Control Engineering,