RFID channel ready; end users not

A CompTIA survey finds disparate numbers between technology purchases and actual deployment.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff September 24, 2007

A survey by CompTIA finds 84 percent of technology resellers, solution providers, systems integrators, and consultants anticipate offering RFID products and solutions within the next three years, but nearly two-thirds stated that their customers have yet to implement it.

Of those who have implemented, less than 20 percent are actually using it. The focus of most channel participants in the near term will favor hardware (89 percent) over software (46 percent).

“The biggest challenge the channel sees is finding customers. The channel is prepared, but customers still struggle to understand the technology and how to prove its ROI,” says David Sommer, CompTIA VP of e-business and software solutions. “[Achieving] ROI in the supply chain has been extremely difficult in terms of who benefits and who is responsible for the cost of implementation. In manufacturing, within the four walls of the enterprise, that’s been easier, so adoption has been higher.”