RFID, machine vision sensors, I/O network components help error proofing

Error proofing machine-related processes with appropriate applications of sensor technologies can save a lot of money, Balluff says, with smart investments in industrial radio identification, machine vision sensors, I/O networks, and ...
By Mark T. Hoske, editor in chief April 28, 2009

Oak Brook, IL – Better than fixing errors is not making them at all. Error-proofing machine related processes with appropriate applications of sensor technologies can save a lot of money, nearly a factor of 10 in some cases, suggests Mark Sippel, Balluff product marketing manager for industrial identification.
Working with others at Balluff, Sippel made an online cost calculator for investments in industrial radio identification (RFID) technologies. Sippel showed editors from Control Engineering, Packaging Digest, and Plant Engineering magazines how costs related to tool breakage can be about $1,200 using RFID and more than $11,000 without. The calculator provides RFID return on investment .
Balluff offered more advice for error-proofing applications:

  • Data intensity of 10 or 15 RFID heads can bring DeviceNet to its knees. Better to use EtherNet/IP, Sippel suggested;

  • Clever application of new, easy-to-use machine vision sensors can provide error proofing. Three step set-up vision sensor, which is forgiving of poor fixturing, can eliminate a sensor array. "This is an error-proofing lynchpin," Sippel added; and

  • Learn more about the IO Link system and see an example .

    Additions to the IO Link product family make I/O level connections 30-40% cost savings compared to using two higher-level connections, such as Profinet and Profibus, says Tom Rosenberg, director of marketing, Balluff. A 32 point IOLink block delivers a 22% reduction in cost per point, with greater connection speed with fewer errors, Rosenberg said. See more details below.

Other Balluff products that can help with that include:

Metal-mount radio frequency identification

Photoelectric sensor has extended range background suppression
IO-Link Profibus/Profinet modular expansion system : example shows up to 40% savings; and
New line of 24 V dc power supplies.

– Edited by Mark T. Hoske , editor in chief

Control Engineering News Desk, www.controleng.com

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