RFID reader interoperability just got easier

A new RFID software tool kit supports EPCglobal’s new Low Level Reader Protocol standard.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff September 26, 2007

A consortium of RFID organizations recently developed a software tool kit with RFID reader interoperability. The collaborative effort will support EPCglobal ’s new Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) standard, adopted in May. Developers can now download a set of open-source software libraries for integrating readers and applications at the network level, rather than having to code individual interfaces for each reader.“We saw that LLRC was a good standard and had a nice level of control and extensibility, and wanted to build on it so all readers can interoperate efficiently,” says Paul Dietrich, principal software architect for Impinj . “With LLRC, there’s interoperability at the network level—not just at the air interface. Now at evaluation, there are common interfaces for testing, and common interfaces for deployment—as well as for maintenance and troubleshooting.”Impinj was joined in the initial endeavor by IBM, Intermec, OATSystems, Pramari, Reva Systems and the University of Arkansas. Libraries are currently available for Perl, C++, and Java; with plans for C, .NET, and other environments later this year.The LLRC tool kit can be downloaded from www.SourceForge.net .