Robot control system for complex applications

The MIRAI controller enables robots more precise and complex performances

By Micropsi Industries October 1, 2021
Courtesy: Micropsi Industries

The MIRAI robot control system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable robots to flexibly react to variances in their tasks in real time by learning from humans. Variances in position, shape, surface properties or lighting conditions are a common challenge for robotic automation of machine tending, assembly or test applications. With MIRAI’s new positioning skills feature, giving examples of quality movements to the robot has become much easier, and the robot will generalize and understand what to do much more quickly. Companies wanting to use a robot to perform precise and complex skills—such as gripping and inserting a bendable or soft component, like a cable, into differently arranged sockets—would primarily use the MIRAI controller at the first and last decisive centimeters of a manufacturing step.

Micropsi Industries

Author Bio: Micropsi Industries is a software company that provides ready-to-use AI systems for controlling industrial robots. They enable automation where automation was previously not viable, making factories more productive, workspaces more ergonomic and businesses more resilient.