Rockwell Automation introduces virtual design and production software utility

The new utility available within Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 version 17 programming software allows for integration with Delmia V5R19 PLM software from Dassault Systemes.

By Control Engineering Staff November 20, 2008

Nashville, TN — Rockwell Automation released a virtual design and production utility that merges virtual simulation and automation for production. The new utility available within Rockwell Software RSLogix

3D Does it explains how planning software is becoming more important for control engineers

.)Through the launch of this new utility, Rockwell Automation and Dassault Systemes, a provider of 3-D and PLM solutions, are providing a solution that allows collaborative mechanical and control design with bidirectional synchronization. As a result, manufacturers can access immediate feedback on design changes, thus allowing the testing of various “what if” scenarios in order to continuously optimize manufacturing operations.Both the RSLogix 5000 and Delmia PLM software applications are complementary manufacturing engineering technologies, built around object-oriented data models for representing devices and operations. RSLogix 5000 software contains a library of control logic templates and schematics that help controls engineers design and program controls routines to automate production systems. The Delmia software creates a library of smart devices that allow the manufacturing or mechanical engineer to build a virtual production system, work cell or machine center using simulation technology. The utility brings these two functions together to provide bidirectional synchronization of engineering disciplines and object libraries. The end result for customers is faster commissioning with optimal production performance.Another critical element of the solution is the ability for engineers at both the mechanical device and control level to synchronize designs in a flexible environment. This allows them to collaborate at any point during the design and development process to validate mechanical design concurrently with controls design, and reduce debug and testing during production ramp-up.Finally, the RSLogix 5000 utility allows controls and manufacturing engineers to reuse their mechanical, electrical and controls designs and templates. This results in faster design and implementation of production systems and allows the incorporation of best practices and processes into each new production system.This development follows Rockwell Automation and Dassault Systemes signing of a memorandum of understanding in December 2007 outlining their intent to develop a joint solution to create a virtual design and production environment. Read about other announcements from Automation Fair 2008 .For more information, visit:

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