Rotary encoders with EtherCAT

Leine and Linde’s ISA and IHA 600 series of solid shaft and hollow-shaft absolute rotary encoders feature EtherCAT industrial communication protocols and support cycle times down to 31.25 µs.

By Leine and Linde December 23, 2014

Leine & Linde’s ISA and IHA 600 series of solid shaft and hollow-shaft absolute rotary encoders, designed for harsh environments like the steel, mining and energy industries, now feature EtherCAT industrial communication protocols. The ISA and IHA 600 encoders also feature Profibus, Profinet, CAN Open, and Device Net interface solutions. The EtherCAT implementation supports cycle times down to 31.25 µs. In addition to the position value, advanced signal processing inside the encoder can deliver velocity, acceleration, alarms and warnings to the control system. This provides multi-variable feedback for sophisticated control algorithms with short cycle times. The 600 series EtherCAT implementation encoder interface supports CANopen over EtherCAT according to CiA 301 and the device profile range CiA 406.

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