Rotary position sensors for challenging environments

The NRH271 and NRH272 rotary position sensors are ideal for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for on- and off-highway vehicles that are designed for challenging environments.

By Curtiss-Wright Corp. September 7, 2015

Curtiss-Wright’s rotary position sensors, the NRH271 and NRH272, have a low-profile sensor body design, small footprint, are fully-encapsulated, and perform against water, dust, shock, vibration, and temperature. The sensors are designed for use in original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of highway vehicles in challenging environments.

The NRH271 is a 3-wire, single output variant with a supply current rating of less than 12.5 mA. The NRH272 is a 6-wire, dual-redundant output with a supply current rating of less than 25 mA. The dual-die sensor has two separately powered input supply and output channels for full electrical redundancy.

The NRH271 and NRH272 are contained in a 9.5 mm housing and the electrical output spans of both models can be set to correspond to rotations of 20 to 360-deg. Two power supply options are available (5 V and 9 to 30 V). Factory-programmable electronics can be set to one of two analog voltage output ranges (0.5 to 4.5 V or 0.2 to 4.8 V) or one of three PWM frequencies.

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