Safety device series for hazardous areas

Idec's EU2B family of safety devices includes pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, and ammeters are designed for hazardous areas are designed to prevent the release of electrical energy that could ignite explosive gases or particles.

By IDEC March 10, 2015

Idec’s EU2B family of safety devices includes pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, and ammeters. These devices comply with ATEX, C-UL, IEC and UL/NEC safety standards for use in hazardous areas. All of the devices are sealed to prevent the release of electrical energy that could ignite explosive gases or particles in the environment for which they are rated for use. The devices are UL/c-UL approved for use in Class I Zone 1 applications, and are rated for use in explosive gas atmospheres. They are also rated IP65 and Type 4X for protection against water, and are available with exposed or finger-safe IP20 screw terminals. The pushbuttons are available in flush, extended and mushroom styles.

Pushbutton colors include black, green, red, blue, white and yellow. These pushbuttons and all the selector switches contain up to three sealed contact blocks, each rated up to 10A, and are available in normally open or normally closed configurations. Emergency stop pushbuttons feature push-to-lock and turn-to-reset operation, and are supplied with a yellow body and a standard red mushroom head. Multiple contact configurations are available. The pilot lights are available in amber, green, pure white, red, blue, white and yellow. Models can operate from a 110 V ac, 220 V ac or 24 V dc power source. Selector switches are available with two or three selector positions, and with a variety of spring return options and circuit configurations. A key-operated selector switch is also available. Also, ac ammeters, dc ammeters and dc voltmeters are available with a wide choice of measuring ranges.

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