Safety: Omron rebrands STI as it pursues machine safeguarding customers

By Control Engineering Staff June 25, 2007

Tokyo, Japan – Omron Corp. established a new category brand,‘STI’ (which stands for “safety, technology, and innovation”), as it ramps up expansion of its machine safeguarding business. The company also revealed that its OS3101 Laser Safety Scanner would be the first product marketed under the new brand.

In September 2006, Omron acquired Scientific Technologies Incorporated (STI), which it says was the leading North American supplier of safety equipment, as part of its strategy to become number one in the global machine safeguarding market. Omron believes this market is approximately $940 million, with a growth rate of 15% per year. Inspired by the acquired company’s name, the new category brand imbues the three letters STI with the meaning of “Safety, Technology & Innovation,” reflecting Omron’s desire to prompt a revolution in the field of machine safeguarding.

By combining its advanced sensing, control, and networking technologies with high-level product support, the company aims to help customers create safer workplaces forctivity in facilities where people and machinery work together in close contact. By allowing users to designate a warning zone in which an alert signal sounds when workers approach a dangerous area, and a safety zone that automatically shuts down machinery if breached, the scanner prevents unnecessary machinery downtime due to inadvertent worker intrusion, ensuring safety while maintaining productivity.

— Control Engineering Daily News Desk C.G. Masi , senior editor( Register here and scroll down to select your choice of eNewsletters free.)