Schneider Electric launches Semi F47 initiative

By Control Engineering Staff July 25, 2002

Palatine, IL – Introducing a portfolio of electrical and industrial control products that resist voltage sags, Square D/Schneider Electric announced July 19 a global initiative to provide semiconductor manufacturers and equipment makers with products that comply with SEMI F47, the industry standard designed to reduce the impact of voltage sags on process equipment.

EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute , has certified dozens of the company’s products as SEMI F47-compliant, including contactors, relays, drives and DC power supplies. Schneider Electric has also introduced a number of new products to help equipment overcome voltage sags, including a new low voltage ride through module for contactors and relays and an electronic sag protector aimed at mitigating sags for complete equipment protection of critical subsystems.

“Given the cost associated with downtime and damaged product, finding ways to overcome poor power quality is one of the most important issues facing the semiconductor industry today,” said Matthew Douglas, Microelectronics marketing manager for Schneider Electric in North America. “It can take several hours to days to re-calibrate and re-qualify a fabrication line affected by even minor voltage sags and surges.”

“With our recent acquisition of Accusine for harmonics and EFI Corp. for surge protection solutions,” added Mr. Douglas, “we have now expanded our solutions to address additional power quality problems that have a devastating effect on computers and electronic sub-systems used in wafer processing, testing and handling equipment, adding to the already significant production losses.”

The average wafer fabrication plant suffers as much as 30 percent downtime and significant lost production, much of it caused by voltage sags and dirty power. The negative impact on production yields of poor quality power will only grow with the transition to 300mm wafers. The goal of SEMI F47, which was issued by International SEMATECH, a global consortium of some of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers, is for process equipment and components to be able to ride through power problems and maintain production.

The power coils used in contactors, relays, drives and other industrial controls in semiconductor manufacturing equipment are most susceptible to dirty power. Thousands of coils are found in the process equipment and facilities of the average wafer fabrication plant.

Square D , Telemecanique, and Merlin Gerin products from Schneider Electric that have been certified to meet or exceed SEMI F47 standards include a low voltage ride through module for the TeSys D-Line contactor family, a new MULTI 9 miniature circuit breaker, D-Line, F-Line, and K-Line contactors, and PREVENTA safety relays, as well as CA2K and SK relays, PHASEO DC power supplies, and REACTIVAR ESP, an electronic sag protector.

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Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor